Solenoid valve-small direct-acting solenoid valve

Solenoid Valve (SLP SERIES)SLP Compact Series. 2/2-way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve. Normally OpenBody Material: Forged Brass\\Stainless SteelOrifice: 1mm~4mmPressure: 0~30kgf/cm² Pipe Size: 1/8"~1/7"Fluid Media: Water\\Hot Water\\Air\\Gas\\Oil etc.New PipeOrificePressureSealsBodyModel codeSize(mm)barMaterial

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Solenoid Valve (SLP SERIES)

SLP Compact Series. 2/2-way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve. Normally Open
Body Material: Forged Brass\Stainless Steel
Orifice: 1mm~4mm
Pressure: 0~30kgf/cm² Pipe Size: 1/8"~1/7"
Fluid Media: Water\Hot Water\Air\Gas\Oil etc.

Solenoid Valve -- Small Type Direct Acting Solenoid ValveSolenoid Valve -- Small Type Direct Acting Solenoid Valve
New PipeOrificePressureSealsBody
Model codeSize(mm)barMaterial
SLP2DF02 N9 A011/810~30NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02 N9 AC21/81.50~20NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02 N9 AC31/82.50~15NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02N9A031/830~12NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02N1A031/830~6NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02 N9 A041/840~5NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02 N9 B011/410~30NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02 N9 BC21/41.50~20NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02 N9 BC31/42.50~15NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02N9B031/430~12NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02N1B031/430~6NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02 N9 B041/440~5NBRforged brass
SLP2DF02 N5 A011/810~30NBRSS316
SLP2DF02 N5 AC21/81.50~20NBRSS316
SLP2DF02 N5 AC31/82.50~15NBRSS316
SLP2DF02 N5 A031/830~12NBRSS316
SLP2DF02 N5 A041/840~5NBRSS316
SLP2DF02 N5 B011/410~30NBRSS316
SLP2DF02 N5 BC21/41.50~20NBRSS316
SLP2DF02 N5 BC31/42.50~15NBRSS316
SLP2DF02 N5 B031/430~12NBRSS316
SLP2DF02 N5 B041/440~5NBRSS316

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